What to do if there are too many people to manage

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What should I do if there are too many prison staff and it is difficult to manage? Prison staff positioning to help you solve

Prison personnel positioning is very different from traditional communication technology. The communication process does not need to use the carrier wave in the traditional communication system, but transmits and receives very narrow pulses with nanosecond or sub-nanosecond to transmit data. In the system composition, some equipment is necessary, and some can be selected. The user is requested to decide which equipment must be installed according to the actual on-site conditions, and which are not necessary to be fully installed.

Introduction of prison staff positioning:

Prison personnel are positioned in the prison using wireless local area network positioning based on the combination of RFID and Wi-Fi, and BDS satellite positioning is used for outdoor prisoners.

The positioning tags are equipped with Beidou positioning chips, Wi-Fi modules, and RFID dual-frequency chips. The tags worn by prisoners and prison guards support the above three positioning methods at the same time, which can cover various application scenarios inside and outside the prison.

Prison personnel location uses RFID and Wi-Fi to locate the base station, including low-frequency activators, readers and Wi-Fi APs, mainly for the collection of mobile terminal location measurement values. Each positioning base station is interconnected through a hub, and a wired local area network is constructed together with the positioning engine and the personnel positioning monitoring center.

Prison personnel positioning uses BDS satellite positioning, and the positioning results of the tags are collected by a handheld reader and transmitted to the personnel positioning monitoring center through the wireless cellular network to monitor the position of the detainees.

The personnel positioning monitoring center realizes the control part of the entire system: adding, deleting, modifying, and checking management of personnel, important materials, equipment and other information; displaying the real-time positioning results and historical trajectories of positioning tags; integrating other security technology methods to provide a three-dimensional information integration Integrated security management measures, comprehensive management and control of various system alarms.