With the rapid development of mobile networks

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With the rapid development of mobile networks, the positioning technology for nursing homes has spontaneously emerged, and has gradually become the 'darling' of enterprises and families. With the increasing number of users, the positioning technology for nursing homes has also improved, so indoor positioning What effect does it have for businesses and families?

Real-time personnel positioning control is mainly composed of dispatch command center (dispatch background) and vehicle positioning system. The main functions it can realize include dispatch function, security function, rental enterprise management function, industry management and function, and traffic information collection function. The control command center is the core of the entire positioning system. It is responsible for answering calls from citizens and dispatching taxis; providing taxi companies with taxi operation information; receiving taxi alarms and reporting to the city 110 after verification; through the city traffic information center, Industry management departments and transportation departments provide industry management information; provide traffic information for the comprehensive traffic information platform. The functions of the vehicle-mounted terminal mainly include vehicle positioning, providing original information for the traffic information center; realizing vehicle path planning and dynamic navigation according to the real-time traffic information provided by the traffic information center; realizing alarm and emergency rescue, etc.

We need to understand what is nursing home personnel positioning refers to the realization of position positioning in the indoor environment, mainly using wireless communication, base station positioning, inertial navigation positioning and other technologies to integrate a set of indoor position positioning system, so as to realize the indoor position of people, objects, etc. Location monitoring in space.

What is the role of the positioning of nursing home staff?

Indoor positioning can perform real-time positioning + navigation of personnel and materials. Based on zigbee personnel positioning technology, indoor positioning + navigation services can be truly realized. On the one hand, it can provide navigation services for the large-scale car market and parking lot super, and guide to quickly find the location of the vehicle.

In addition, people, equipment, and materials can be located in real time in factories and construction sites. For personnel management, you can view the real-time location of the positioned target, which is convenient for job management, scheduling management, and workflow optimization. For device management, you can quickly find the real-time location of the device when needed, reducing the time spent searching.

The personnel positioning of nursing homes can be carried out intelligent inspections. In order to ensure that the inspections are completed correctly and completely, the indoor positioning system supports functions such as the setting of inspection routes, the tasks of each inspection point and inspection teams, etc. Zigbee personnel positioning can be The inspection task is assigned to the relevant inspection team staff. After the inspection personnel complete the inspection, the system will record it as an inspection report for management. In addition, the actual inspection route and task can be matched with the prescribed inspection route and task for similarity to determine whether the staff performs the inspection correctly. If a mismatch is found, an alarm will be alerted in real time.

Nursing home personnel positioning can be linked with video. By combining the indoor positioning system with the video surveillance system, once a warning occurs in a certain area, such as strangers at entrances and exits, people entering unauthorized areas, people approaching dangerous sources, people calling for help, and materials being illegally moved After waiting, the system will immediately pop up the on-site monitoring screen and take pictures to record the on-site situation to provide a basis for decision-making.

Orphanage personnel positioning management system is a non-carrier communication technology that uses nanosecond to microsecond non-sine wave narrow pulses to transmit data. Modulation uses fast rising and falling pulses with a pulse width of ns. The spectrum covered by the pulses ranges from DC to GHz. There is no need for the RF frequency conversion required for conventional narrowband modulation. The pulses can be directly sent to the antenna for transmission after shaping. The spectrum shape can be adjusted by the very narrow continuous single pulse shape and antenna load characteristics. The signal radiation is very low, usually only one thousandth of the radiation, so when it is applied in industry, there is no interference problem with other instruments.

Orphanage staff positioning application range

Field staff positioning assessment: Realize the management of the work content and progress of field staff through location positioning. Example: Query the location of field delivery personnel in real time and determine the delivery status of the goods (departure, in transit, return, etc.). Real-time check the location and status (stay length) of the employees of the visiting customers to assist in judging the execution of the work plan.