Is there an automatic alarm system for the elderly who fall?

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As the population ageing trend intensifies, modern young children are busy with work, and the elderly’s needs for daily care are increasing. Personnel positioning in senior care apartments is a device that can respond to the situation of senior care apartments in a timely manner, increase the level of safety protection for the elderly, strengthen security measures, deploy Internet of Things equipment and supporting integrated platform software, locate personnel information in real time and reflect the rescue behavior of the elderly in a timely manner, and achieve integration with video and access control All-in-one card and other automated supervision facilities work together to improve emergency response speed and incident handling speed, effectively improve the management level and management efficiency of retirement apartments, and at the same time provide reference big data information for the operation and management of elderly apartments, and facilitate the rational allocation of resources for retirement apartments. Provide better services for the elderly.

Personnel positioning in nursing homes mainly meets the management needs of concentrated living areas for the elderly in hospitals, nursing homes, and elderly communities, and realizes alarm prompts for accidental falls of the elderly, manual alarms for the elderly's physical discomfort, positioning of the elderly's disappearance, and regular reporting of the elderly's position and body posture Information and other functions. The monitoring center monitors the current status of the elderly in real time, and can provide rescue in time when an accident occurs.

With the advent of the era of smart elderly care, in order to avoid personnel safety accidents, mid- to high-end elderly care communities are gradually equipped with personnel positioning systems. There are many types of positioning technologies for personnel, but there are still significant differences between the technologies. GPS can be used to locate people outdoors, but indoor GPS signals cannot be used normally due to the obstruction of buildings, the interference of reinforced concrete to the signal, and the low positioning accuracy.