Seven magical functions of the positioning system

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There are too many inflammable and explosive materials piled up in the chemical plant. If you don't pay attention, safety accidents are prone to occur. For the chemical industry, safety is the basic prerequisite for improving production efficiency. In recent years, the number of casualties caused by safety accidents in my country's chemical companies has reached thousands of people every year, and the economic losses and casualties caused by these industrial accidents have reached hundreds of millions.

Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well! In order to solve the difficult problem of chemical safety assurance, Xinrui Technology’s 'Integral Solution for Chemical Plants' takes safety management and information intelligence as the basic starting point, and proposes a chemical intelligent supervision system platform. The positioning system platform consists of 7 core application systems, namely: electronic fence safety protection, chemical equipment and material management, chemical plant personnel positioning system, intelligent inspection, one-key alarm for help, video surveillance linkage, data statistics and analysis. Now let us take a look at the magical functions of this positioning system.