High temperature hits, we are not afraid

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The summer is scorching, the heat is hard to handle

'Standby' will continue for some time to come

Such weather is really uncomfortable

Moments of friends ridiculed this hot weather

Go out into the oven, walk hot and spicy, sit down and teppanyaki

In such a 'sauna day',

Netizens joked:

The whole staff is hot, the whole family must be neat and tidy

But have you ever imagined that on a hot asphalt road that is nearly 50 degrees, the police and security guards are still sweating and sticking to their posts.

This group of workers always serve on the road

For smooth and orderly roads and safe travel for owners

The sun above them

Always with the fullest work enthusiasm

Stick to the front-line job position

The scorching sun is like fire, the heat waves hit people

Perseverance of the workers under the high temperature

Is the most beautiful 'landscape' in this city

To all workers who work outdoors

pay tribute!