Automatic knife grinder coffee machine

◆ LED touch screen

◆ 92℃ constant temperature extraction

Rated frequency: 220V~

Rated voltage: 50Hz

Power consumption: 670W

Product description

◆ LED touch screen

◆ Integral grinding and brewing, dual-purpose for soy flour

◆ Micro-pressure extraction system, equipped with pre-bubble program

◆ Microcomputer intelligent control, one-key operation

◆ Extremely fast innovative grinding transmission structure, efficient and quiet

◆ Annular rapid heating technology, constant temperature extraction at 92°C

◆ New two-in-one compact pipeless system

◆ Porous point-breaking spray brewing design

◆ Coffee strength selection

◆ Automatically power off within 30 minutes

◆ Removable transparent water tank

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