Automatic cone grinder coffee machine

◆ 12 gear grinding

◆ Capacity 1-10 cups

◆ Suitable for home or office use

Rated frequency: 220V~

Rated voltage: 50Hz

Power consumption: 850W (heating tube: 800w, PTC: 50w)

Product description

◆ The grinder has 12 levels of adjustment. The position of the grinder is judged and adjusted by the double micro switch. The Hall element is used to accumulate the number of rotations of the movable grinder, so as to accurately control the weight of the grinder, and the accuracy can reach ±1.09

◆ Excellent sharpening quality

◆ The steam-proof structure of the powder outlet channel is stable and reliable (synchronous motor driven rotation compression seal, with powder scraping structure)

◆ 9 levels of coffee density adjustment, the difference in bean quantity between each level is 5%

◆ The coffee temperature is above 80°C, with little steam loss, standard 1 x 4 filter paper can be used

◆ 24H clock and appointment function

◆ Bean storage capacity: 250g

◆ Rotatable storage type water inlet

◆ Automatic descaling program, the interval of descaling can be adjusted between 40-270 times according to the accumulated working times

◆ The heat preservation time display, the heat preservation time can be adjusted from 0 to 1 20 minutes

◆ Display fault code

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