Automatic Coffee machine

◆ Easy to make hot brew cold brew coffee

◆ A cup of cold brew coffee in 5 minutes

Rated frequency: 220V~

Rated voltage: 50Hz

Power consumption: 600W

Product description

◆ Unique and elegant design

◆ Removable filter screen, easy to clean

◆ Can brew cold brew and hot brew coffee

◆ Unique design, which can greatly reduce the time for making cold brew coffee. Optional 5/10/15 minutes brewing time according to personal taste

◆ Precise temperature control, when brewing hot brew coffee, the water temperature will first be heated to 95-96 degrees Celsius to reach the best brewing temperature

◆ Water tank capacity 0.6L/7 will be accompanied by flashing background lights when brewing coffee, allowing you to enjoy the process of brewing coffee more

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